The Big Hour Cake Sale for Rainbow Trust

The Big Hour Cake Sale which is Rainbow Trust Children's Charity's flagship fundraising event and takes place between 21 – 27 October 2013.

2nd August 2013

Wright's Sponsor The Big Hour Cake Sale 2013 for Rainbow Trust

Money raised will enable the charity to continue its vital work in providing emotional and practical support to families of children with a life threatening or terminal illness. The Charity is calling on people to use the 'extra hour' they gain when the clocks go back this October to join 'The Big Hour Cake Sale' and help families who are acutely aware of just how precious 'one' hour really is.

We are delightfed that Jo Wheatley has joined forces with the event, hoping to inspire people across England to join ‘The Big Hour Cake Sale’ and host their own fundraising event.

The reason Wright's are involved is because David Wright felt that 'The Big Hour Cake Sale' is a natural fit for Wright's, as being a family run company ourselves, we feel a strong association with the work Rainbow Trust does to help families. Please click here to see how easily you can get involved and make a "Wright" difference to Rainbow Trust.   


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