Lionheart Oat Bran

Lionheart Oat Bran

19th March 2018


Extensive research by internationally respected institutions in the USA and the UK has convinced many doctors of the importance of soluble and insoluble fibres in a healthy diet.  Oat Bran is one of nature’s richest source of the former. Many doctors believe that high cholesterol levels are a major factor in causing heart disease. Research shows that soluble fibre lowers serum-cholesterol levels and selectively lowers low density cholesterol levels, sparing or actually raising beneficial high density levels.
Similarly, many doctors believe, to quote the Royal College of Physicians in its report on dietary fibre, that we should ‘ foods which are closer to the natural grain vegetable or fruit rather than the highly processed and refined products which now form a large part of our food’ to help regulate the digestive system. This is why LionHeart also contains Wheat Bran for its insoluble fibre content.

LionHeart is made with Oat Bran and Wheat Bran to be doubly good, and if you’ve been put off including high fibre breads as part of your regular diet because they taste dull and stodgy, you’re in for a surprise. LionHeart is the first Oat Bran bread to use malted kibbled oats, like nuggets, for superb flavour. And LionHeart is lighter - it’s the loaf all the family will enjoy.


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