A drawing of our historic mill

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16th May 2018

A Drawing of our Historic Mill

The social media calendar informs me that we have arrived at Drawing Day today so a hand drawing of our historic mill here in Enfield should be shared as we are one of the most complete groupings of historical industrial buildings still being worked in Greater London. Set within meadows bisected by a tributary of the River Lea our flour mill is something of an oasis in Ponders End's industrial landscape. However, appearances can be deceptive as behind the historic facade is a large, modern food factory - with a number of state-of-the-art facilities - which operates to standards of quality and hygiene, which satisfy the most discerning of clients. When George Wright first came to Ponders End Mills 150 years ago, he established a simple business principle - products which were to bear his name would be made with only the finest ingredients, using the most modern techniques. Five generations later, this principle is still being followed by his great, great grandson David along with his son, James. #DrawingDay #Enfield

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