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20th October 2021

Wedding Cake Making Season is upon us!

12:00 19 May 2014

With wedding season upon us, sales of our Madeira 12kg mix and our Eggless Sponge in 12kg soar as a result of all you creating wedding cakes. It was interesting to note that a talk on the History of Wedding Cakes was given by Royal cake maker Fiona Cairns at the V&A last week. She is an expert when it comes to matters cake; producing 800,000 cakes per year and of course was the one who created William & Kate’s Wedding Cake!

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Carrot Cake this Easter

12:00 16 April 2014

As a Nation we are about to spend £5 on chocolate this Easter. As chocoholics - this has made us feel "Wright" queasy - it's carrot cake all the way for us!

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