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Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix

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Available in Asda, Booths, Morrison's, larger Sainsbury's & Wright's on line - this mix requires only the addition of oil and water. The mix works brilliantly with bread making machines as well as in a 2lb loaf tin in your domestic oven at home or create 12 muffins, 24 cupcakes, bake in an 8" round tin or as a tray bake.

Wright's Cake Baking with Bear Yoyo's

Deb's Tips

We like Bear’s Rainbow Rolls and our Premium White bread mix + one from each yoyo pack - strawberry, peach, raspberry & blueberry and chop them all up into little bits and bake inside the bread rolls for a fruit sweet bread bun – yum!

customer comments

“Thank you Deb, I look forward to the next newsletter. From another happy home baker - ” Margaret


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Madeira Cake Mix
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Although we have a few recipe ideas with Bear yoyo’s below, you can view their fun website for more ideas including baking on a campfire.

Pictured is Wright’s Madeira muffins with chopped up Bear blueberry yoyo’s – it is good fun to use a few different flavours and see if you can taste them!

Like our bread and cake mixes being a great base for your own ideas – the same applies to the fantastic flavours in these yoyos.  

We tried baking our Wright’s Carrot cake mix and added chopped peach yoyo’s from BEAR, which was just peachy!

Then we tried a super straw-beary Madeira cake using our mix and two strawberry yoyo’s from BEAR.

We had "bearilliant" Berry Brownies using our Chocolate Fudge Cake + two raspberry yoyo’s from BEAR!


BEAR yoyos are just pure fruit rolls which need chopping up and pushed into the bread dough or cake batter before baking. This simply adds more different flavours to your baking but without the additional sugars or unwanted preservatives.

The reason yoyo’s are rolled up is so that no coating agents or other ingredients are used to stop them sticking together. They are just 100% fruit and it is only "Wright" for you to decide what you want to do with them, bake with them as a family or simply snack on them! In baking them – try to get as much in the middle of the dough or cake batter as the chopped up pieces go all gooey and jammy but can go a little hard and dry on the very top.