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Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix

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Available in Asda, Booths, Morrison's, larger Sainsbury's & Wright's on line - this mix requires only the addition of oil and water. The mix works brilliantly with bread making machines as well as in a 2lb loaf tin in your domestic oven at home or create 12 muffins, 24 cupcakes, bake in an 8" round tin or as a tray bake.

Baked by you at home - for us all to enjoy!

17 July 2016

Kicking off with this superb, summery recipe idea which never fails.  Huge thanks to Mark for reviewing this recipe with our Toffee Mix.  A great step by step review featured on the link here - enjoy! 

Our New Toffee Cookie Mix has been very well received and I have a nice collection of Toffee Cookie recipes here worth sharing with you all. Thanks to all of you who have tried this toffee treat so far and especially to those of you for sending in images of your recipe ideas.

What a great serving suggestion here for use with our Parmesan & Sundried Tomato bread mix!  Thanks Cake Escapes for this lovely image.

Our Garlic & Rosemary Focaccia was well featured last month.

Thanks Irene - that baked up into a bit of a beast - beautiful!

Sammie dimpled her Garlic & Rosemary Focaccia - as stated on the pack - but instead of filling the dimples with oil she used 'soon to be melted' mozzarella and her finished version is below!

I just wanted to thank Suky for her superb twist on our Garlic & Rosemary Focaccia bread mix, “the gorgeous Rosemary and Garlic Focaccia with a personal twist of adding sliced potatoes. It really was delish. I almost can't believe I baked this!”  Seeing is believing and what we are seeing here is amazing Suky – thanks!

Oh Richard's Opera Cake made with our flour was very impressive!  Made with thin light layers of sponge, the layers are then soaked in coffee and layered with buttercream and ganache.  Richard finished his with a gold confetti in each corner – I did have a piece which made me feel very special as it was a fantastic cake with a fabulous flavour!

Here’s a nice mid week treat – Jackie made up our Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix in her bundt tin earlier.  Jackie, the ‘Baking Nanna’ said, whilst babysitting her young grandson, “that's why I love these mixes even on Nanna duties you can make a tasty cake”.  Looks amazing!

Amanda did a brilliant job using our Carrot & Chocolate Fudge Cake Mixes in her bundt tins too!  I understand Henry may have been a little heavy handed with the sprinkles Amanda?  Nothing like a Wright good sprinkling on a cake tho!

Huge thanks to Lucia for her chocolate treats made with our Chocolate Fudge mix and taken to work for her colleagues to enjoy!

Drip cakes are one of the hottest cake design trends around. The drip is created by a loose icing or ganache that is drizzled around the top edge of the cake so it sets as it drips down creating the drip effect.  You have to perfect the consistency of the icing which Sammie has done perfectly here, using both our Chocolate & Victoria Sponge baking kits

Thanks Freda for your gorgeous gravity cake made with our Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix from Morrison's or larger Sainsbury's. This is a great cake idea and you can use your favourite sweets!

Well it's Wedding Season - oh how do you know that?  Because sales of our Madeira Cake Mix simply soar at this time of year!  Clever Claire-Ann put this beautiful naked cake together with the use of our Madeira mix and I just had to share this one with you all this month.  Its nice that the ‘not so naughty naked cakes’ are having a further term and were not just a fad of last year.

Well, Wimbledon is over and many escaped it by baking like Abbey here who baked up some delicious Chocolate Fudge cupcakes with an ace serving of a strawberry and a flake!  Abbey had her own personal bowl licker and they both enjoyed a post match cupcake or two! 

Well, I never thought of making cookies with our Orange Cake Mix but Sharon made these lovely chocolate chip cookies with our Orange Mix from one of our on-line cookie recipes.  I bet these were delicious with a fruit tea and a great recipe idea for use with our cake mixes. Thanks for sharing these Sharon & for thanking us for yet another great product.

Yes, its been too hot to cook and Sammie produced the perfect summer pizza with our Parmesan & Sundried Tomato Mix - this is a view of it just prior to baking and I would be lovely served with a few leaves.  The recipe is here for you all to enjoy.

Finally - a bit of fun from Edith - Orange Cake Mix cupcakes with not too much icing as they were made for her Dentist and staff - gorgeous!

Thanks so much - Deb the Bread