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Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix

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Available in Asda, Booths, Morrison's, larger Sainsbury's & Wright's on line - this mix requires only the addition of oil and water. The mix works brilliantly with bread making machines as well as in a 2lb loaf tin in your domestic oven at home or create 12 muffins, 24 cupcakes, bake in an 8" round tin or as a tray bake.


08 April 2017

All of Wright’s Easter Recipes are here.

Happy Easter baking – we hope the following links prove useful to you over this busy baking period.  Best wishes for EasterDeb the Bread

Hot Cross Buns This recipe calls for 2 mixes: Premium White (for white buns) OR Wholemeal (for brown buns) AND Ciabatta - this will yield 30 good size hot cross buns - less if you decrease the ingredients. Please have a go but please read the recipe through first – I do not want any hot and cross bunnies amongst you!


How about a "Wright" good Simnel Cake as your Easter centrepiece this year? Simnel cakes, interestingly enough have been around since mediaeval times.  The word simnel was probably from the Latin word ‘simila’, meaning fine, like the fine flour the cake is made from. Enjoyed at Easter with their eleven balls of marzipan representing 11 of the 12 disciples our Simnel Cake is made with our Carrot Cake mix.             


We have a lovely Easter Slice, made from Wright’s Premium White for you all to enjoy:

You can all enjoy these delicious Chocolate Egg Easter Cupcakes topped with mini eggs!  Whether you are enjoying the convenience of baking them, licking the bowl having decorated them and the kids having topped them - you can all enjoy eating them!

If you are more of a savoury then try our Easter Bunny Buns! Made with our Premium White bread mix.

More cupcakes here without marzipan or chocolate (other than the mini eggs on the top).  Made with our Madeira cake mix.

One of our star bakers, Edith has wowed us again with her Easter Cakes.  Made with our Chocolate Fudge cake mix and whilst still warm create a cone shape in the centre (Edith used a wine bottle stopper).  Place a marzipan carrot in the centre and a sprig of dill for the top.  They are firstly topped with buttercream and the edible soil is created with crushed Oreo cookies!

Why not make mini carrot cake loaves from our Carrot cake mix and wrap them in pretty Easter-themed paper for the perfect home-made gift!

As you know, you can save a great deal of time making cake with Wright’s mixes - allowing you more time on the decoration!  Save more time by buying these easy Easter toppers for use on your bakes!

Another of our star bakers has put together this Wholemeal Hot Cross Tea Loaf - thanks Mike there is quite a bit to this recipe which makes it Good Friday afternoon fun!  

Another fabulous alternative is our Festival Cake here.

I had some beautiful Easter bakes sent in by you and want to thank you all very much. Mike’s Simnel Cake made with our plain flour is stunning – pictured here below.

Margaret’s Easter cake was made effortlessly with our Toffee cake mix!

Tracy Clark used our Carrot cake mix for her Easter cake and said it was “the best cake I have made. I had to improvise with the eggs as I ran out of chocolate fingers!” Well I just thought they added to the charm of the cake itself!

Just another little tip for you with any of those extra Easter eggs hanging around the house! With the egg owner’s permission, why not create a chocolate fondue with the left over chocolate eggs – serve with cubes of baked Chocolate Fudge, Madeira or Ginger cake – it’s delicious!

Are there any of those gut-busting, jeans stretching, sickly, sweet, chocolate Easter eggs left in your house? Yes those delicious things were even cheaper than last year! You can break them up and pop them into a cake mix, if you have any left! Half a plain chocolate egg shell worked wonderfully in 500g of Wright’s Madeira giving more flavour than chocolate chips and more of a rustic and home made appearance than the pre-formed uniform sized pieces we normally use. Please do obtain the with the egg owners permission first!

The 'other Deb' here at the mill (there are 3 of us actually) put this lovely cake together using our Chocolate Fudge Mix.

Of course if you are sick of sweet, sticky, gooey cakes this Easter you could create a lovely egg bread - using our Premium White or Classic Ciabatta & add a raw egg to the dough to enrich it - if desired. Or add coloured eggs in their shells to your bread dough plait and bake as below!


Mike made these cute and crumbly Easter biscuits with our Plain Flour - perfect if you have had too much chocolate!

Around this time we launched our New Orange Cake Mix and Edith ordered this along with our Chocolate Fudge and created the cutest Rabbit Patch Cake with the 2 mixes!  The hidden surprise inside is cut out carrot shapes from our Orange Cake Mix. The carrot tops are apple flavoured laces and the top is crushed up Oreo cookies for soil. 

Edith also made a superb selection of cupcakes using our Chocolate Fudge cake mix and Madeira mix as below.

Of course we loved Linda's Anti-Gravity Easter Cake - made with our Madeira and sprinkled with chocolate flakes! 

Another Easter Cake using our new Orange Mix - covered in a rich chocolate fondant and topped with golden mini eggs!  This type of cupcake is so expensively sold in the shop - get it "Wright" & bake them at home! 

Using our Orange Cake Mix and making this up with half orange juice half water, ground almonds, mixed peel, candied ginger, white chocolate and mango - wow!  Till produced this lovely 2lb sized slab for Easter!

Ready for a "Wright" chocolatey one?  Diana created this with our Chocolate Fudge cake mix baked in 8" tins, with chocolate buttercream, chocolate flakes & topped with mini eggs!

Superb Simnel here - baked by Judith using our Carrot Cake mix and the recipe off our website - just beautiful!

Choc Cross Buns, Choc Cross Buns – not one a penny two a penny – but nevertheless cheaper made at home with a mix!  These are infused with Chocolate Chips instead of Sultanas or Raisins, clearly we cannot get enough chocolate this Easter so Choc Cross Buns it is!

I was hoping to have a slice of this lovely Easter cake - made by my colleague Deb using our new Orange mix - but had all gone by Easter Monday, no surprise there then!

Angie tweeted us @Wrightsbaking with this lovely Ginger cake covered in a soft fondant with smashed cream eggs.  It's eggcellent Angie!

Gosh Gracie - what a gorgeous cake you created with our Madeira cake mix - someone had a very happy Easter!

Should we start leaving a slice of Carrot Cake out for the Easter Bunny – like we leave a mince pie out for Father Christmas?  

Easter bunnies love carrot cake!  Wright’s Carrot cake is a super, moist cake and a special spring treat and certainly something to bake up on Good Friday.  Wright’s 500g Carrot cake mix will give you 24 cupcakes, 12 muffins or produce one cake which can then be drizzled with coloured icing and decorated with a marzipan carrot or a few of my favourite and frequently mentioned, mini eggs!

Deb the Bread