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Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix

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Available in Asda, Booths, Morrison's, larger Sainsbury's & Wright's on line - this mix requires only the addition of oil and water. The mix works brilliantly with bread making machines as well as in a 2lb loaf tin in your domestic oven at home or create 12 muffins, 24 cupcakes, bake in an 8" round tin or as a tray bake.


09 March 2017

Scofa soda bread, available from  Wright's mail order, is just the "Wright" accompaniment for St. Patrick's Day.  Mix one up!

Make a scone, dome shape of Scofa soda bread dough and place it on a baking tray.  Cut the dough into 4 or 8, so the knife just touches the baking tray itself, enabling the dough to thoroughly cook through. 

Scofa requires no rising so you can decorate each cut piece with a different array of seeds or score in a name or initial with a chopstick.  You could add herbs to the dough, seeds, dried fruit, nuts or even crushed up leprechauns ! Just place it in a preheated oven 220°C, 430°F, Gas Mark 6 for 30 - 35 minutes.

Use this as a centrepiece for your St. Patrick's Day celebration, warmed or toasted the next day.

You can create this delicious recipe of Stilton & Apricot Bites with Scofa.

Or bake up a stunning Spinach & Cheese Soda Bread

How about one of our cake mixes - you can colour the Madeira with green food colouring and with a rice paper topper - create some delightful cupcakes like Edith did here.

Edith produced these superb Madeira cupcakes made up with a little Guinness added to the mix and brushed with Bailey's whilst still warm!  The Ginger she also created from our mix were brushed with Jameson's Whiskey and delightfully decorated as you can see!

Superb surprise inside Shamrock Cake by Edith using our Chocolate Fudge mix - the Shamrocks were fashioned with our Madeira.

More of Edith’s cakes for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations!  Using our Chocolate Fudge cake mix, rice paper toppers and green Madeira cake crumbs, from her surprise inside cake that we posted earlier – great idea for using up the cake crumbs - waste not want not!

Made with our Chocolate Fudge Cake mix in an 8” tin and dressed with a very special topper for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in memory of a marvellous man. Thanks Edith for sharing all your beautiful and thoughtful bakes with us for St. Patrick's Day. 

Deb the Bread