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Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix

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Available in Asda, Booths, Morrison's, larger Sainsbury's & Wright's on line - this mix requires only the addition of oil and water. The mix works brilliantly with bread making machines as well as in a 2lb loaf tin in your domestic oven at home or create 12 muffins, 24 cupcakes, bake in an 8" round tin or as a tray bake.

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Can you deliver to my area? 

We are very sorry to those of you outside the United Kingdom that we can't supply you our mixes, unfortunately due to the huge packing and delivery costs this is not feasible. Unfortunately, we can only deliver to mainland England, Wales and some parts of Scotland as follows:

In Scotland, unfortunately, we are unable to deliver our mixes to AB31 to AB38, AB40 to AB56, HS, IV1 to 28, IV30 to 32, IV36 to 40, IV41 to 49, IV51, 55 & 56  IV52 to 54, IV63, KW1 to 14, KA27 & 28, KW15 to 17, PA20, PA21 to PA38, PA41 to PA49, PA60 to 78, PH4 to PH41, PH42 to 44, PH49 to PH50.  The Highlands and Islands of Scotland, The Shetland Islands, The Orkney Isles, The Channel Islands,  BT - Northern Ireland, IM - Isle of Man, PO - Isle of Wight - JE – Jersey, GY - Guernsey, Alderney, Sark & Herm, Republic of Ireland, ZE nor BFPO overseas

How do I order Wright's bread mixes, cake mixes and/or flour?

Go to the products section on our web site or call our freephone 0800 064 0100 and we will take your order with a debit/credit card over the 'phone. Alternatively call our freephone for an order form to be sent to you so you can pay by cheque if preferred.

How long until the delivery of my Wright's bread mixes, cake mixes and/or flour order?

We aim to deliver within 5 - 7 days of receipt of order - often this is earlier if goods are ready milled and in stock.  If you order on line you automatically receive an e mail the day before goods are due to you.

Why are they as expensive as in-stores?

We are sometimes asked why our products sometimes cost a little more than the superstores we supply. We make it clear that we cannot compete with the stores, who have very high volume efficient distribution networks. On the other hand with the Internet Shop small orders are packed by hand and because flour is heavy there are high postage and packing costs involved.

Will Wright's bread & cake mixes work in my bread making machine?

Yes - except Scofa soda bread and Naan bread mix - all our bread and cake mixes work wonderfully in bread making machines. Use the whole 500g pack in your 2lb bread making machine - except Ciabatta - use only half a pack. Select a programme of no more than 3 hours. For cake, simply add oil and water then the cake mix to your bread machine pan and set the machine to the cake programme.

Do I need a loaf tin to bake Wright's bread and cake mixes in?

No, you can use just a baking tray to make any shape bread such as cobs or cobergs, batons, sticks or rolls. Use your grill pan for a great "tear and share" style loaf. Use a terracotta pot but don't argue about the knobbly bit of bread on the bottom! Cakes work well as individuals in muffin or cake cases and in 2 x 18cm sponge tins

Where can I buy Wright's bread and cake mixes?

In most supermarkets - please refer to our stockists page on our web site - or call our freephone 0800 064 0100 for confirmation of who is currently stocking what.

How much bread and cake do you make from a pack of Wright's mix?

Two Ciabatta loaves from one pack, six naan breads. 730 g of baked bread from one pack. 10 small rolls from a pack, 3 Focaccia. You will achieve one large cake from a 7 or 8 inch (19cm / 20cm) tin, achieve a tray bake, 12 muffins or 24 cupcakes.

Can I use half a pack of Wright's bread or cake mixes?

Yes, measure out 250g of cake or bread mix and the half the water level (oil where applicable). If this is for use in a bread making machine, please take the overall time down for less of the mix. With the remaining mix, please keep this in a sealed canister to maintain freshness. You could freeze half of your baked loaf having used the whole pack, this saves putting the oven on twice.

Will baked bread and cake made from Wright's mixes freeze ?

Yes let the bread or cake cool, cover with a polythene bag and freeze, no problem.

Are there hydrogenated fats in Wright's mixes?

No, the vegetable fat used is an un-hydrogenated rape seed oil. In both Wright's bread and cake mixes. Our new packs reflect this fact.

Do I need to add anything else to a pack of Wright's bread or cake mix?

Wright's cake mixes require only the addition of oil and water. Wright's bread mixes require water and a little olive oil in Ciabatta, Focaccia or Naan. Whilst they contain all the ingredients you need to make perfect bread or cake, they can also be used as a great base for your own ideas. Why not go to our recipe section for ideas.

How long does bread or cake made from Wright's mixes keep?

You can't get fresher from you own oven. Baked bread can keep for 3 - 4 days if stored correctly. Cake can keep for 5 - 7 days.  For more detailed information on storage, e mail us at with Storage in the subject box.  

What is the shelf life of a pack of Wright's mix?

If stored in cool, dry conditions - six months from the date it was made. The best before date is stated on the top of the pack.  Our mail order usually sends freshest possible product but this may vary from 3 - 6 months.

My loaf hits the lid of my breadmaking machine! 

This may be caused by using extremely fresh product.  Due to the high protein quality of our base flour the volatility of the mix can reduce during storage at the supermarket.  Our recipes are designed to suit an average storage period in the shop and very new mixes can be extremely volatile.


Please check the best before date of the bread mix (on the top of the pack).  If it has more than  5 months to go,  avoid baking loaves to the full capacity of your machine.  So, under these conditions,  in a 2lb capacity machine, bake a maximum loaf of 1.5 lbs. and select a rapid or normal programme.


Please retain the mix you have left in the pack as with every 3 packs purchased you will achieve 4 baked loaves by storing each 150g left over.  


Do Wright's mixes come in larger packs than 500g size currently available?

You could ask your supermarket's Grocery Manager if you could buy a case of 5 mixes which they may supply to you. Wright's shopping site has Premium White, Ciabatta and Mixed Grain in 1.5kg sizes available for mail order.  We also produce a range of non-yeasted mixes in 12kg

Are all Wright's bread and cake mixes suitable for vegetarians and/or vegans?

All our mixes are suitable for vegetarians except Parmesan & Sundried Tomato (Parmesan is not generally chosen by vegetarians). Scofa - contains skimmed milk powder Naan - contains whey powder. Cheese & Onion - contains whey powder & cheese powder. Ginger, Madeira, Carrot, Chocolate Fudge & Toffee - all our cake mixes contain skimmed milk powder and whole dried egg.

How can we ensure that we receive the Wright's monthly newsletter?

This is sent via e mail only and is available to members signed up to our home baking club with their e mail address + postal address for the annual calendar.

What is your returns policy?

Wright's offer all mail order customers the right to a 7 day cooling off period, in keeping with Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000. Cancellations should be requested by e-mail to so arrangements can be made to collect our goods. Wright's pay the carriage in retrieving unwanted goods, which are collected within 7 - 10 days of receipt of cancellation, via our Courier's next day service.  Refunds will be made upon receipt of the safely returned goods.